ERG Ząbkowice foils at Moto-Gama.

If you want to fully protect the surface of your car during painting, we recommend the ERG Ząbkowice foil. It protects your vehicle against paints, moisture, dust and scratches. It also guarantees hygienic working conditions. While displaying appropriate thickness, the protective foil is also characterised by exceptional durability, which is appreciated by its users.

Two companies – one excellent-quality product

Moto-Gama and ERG Ząbkowice joined forces two decades ago. The experience of both companies and the knowledge of the leading market specialists have contributed to the creation of a protective foil displaying excellent quality – a product that customers have been returning for and recommending to others.

In the beginning, as the only distributor, we supplied protective foils to sales points in Poland and some parts of Eastern Europe. In 2020, we started customising and packaging the product with appropriate machines. Currently, we are the only enterprise entitled to use the ERG brand and packaging designs.

Production and packaging of protective foils

First, the foil is produced by ERG Ząbkowice using modern extruders. Then, Moto-Gama packs the product, cutting it to the correct dimensions and sealing it. We supply the protective foil in both ERG Ząbkowice and Moto-Gama packaging or use the customer’s brand.

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