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About us

The leading supplier of automotive paints and other products for the paints and coatings industry

Family is our strength
28 years in the paints and coatings industry

We have been distributing materials for the paints and coatings industry for 28 years, along with products for comprehensive car refinishing. Our products are available in wholesale and retail sale models.

We became operative in the 1990s as a family business, which we have continued until these days. Only the scale of our business has changed.

The founder was joined by his son. The combination of the father’s multi-annual experience and the son’s innovative approach has advanced us to a market-leading position. Today, we are one of the largest suppliers of paint and coating materials in Poland.

More than a supplier

Regardless of the size of our enterprise, our mission has remained the same:
We want to be more than just a supplier to our customers.

We provide exceptional quality at an affordable price, coupled with professional technical service. This has not changed over the 50-year period of Moto-Gama’s market history.


We know what it means to do business.

This is why we support Polish enterprises, selling top-quality materials coming from Polish producers and suppliers.

We also have our own product line ‒ the MG line.

We are not just a store. Our team of advisors can help you choose the best products ‒ from matching the right colour to full repair of individual items.

This will make your work quick, efficient and enjoyable.


We can advise you, complete your order, and deliver the goods to the location of your choice.

We deliver orders using our own means of transport, so we can exercise full control over the entire process.

Products for comprehensive car refinishing

We supply products to wholesalers, stores and car repair shops. Enjoying recognition from both professionals and hobbyists, we make sure that all customers can find exactly what they are looking for.

The products we provide come from renowned manufacturers and are intended for comprehensive car restoration ‒ from choosing the right colour to full repair of individual components.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • automotive paints and primers,
  • fillers,
  • the SPECTRAL mixing system,
  • polishes and abrasives,
  • maintenance products,
  • automotive paint tapes,
  • protective foils,
  • spray guns,
  • and many other materials required for car refinishing.

Our own paints and coatings line ‒ the MG line

We have been supplying materials for the paints and coatings industry under the MG brand for almost 25 years. We have translated our experience in the sales of products supplied by external manufacturers into our own high-quality product line.

We set ourselves the objective to make car refinishing easier and the feedback we receive lets us believe this has been accomplished.

The MG product line includes paints, primers, fillers, sealants, agents for underside protection, automotive paint tapes, protective foils and other car refinishing products. These have made car refinishing tasks a pleasure while guaranteeing a satisfying result.